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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 2, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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baldwin and this is cnn special live coverage of day two of the government shutdown. get this, a possible step forward in the stalemate between the two sides. we now know president obama has scheduled this meeting in about three and a half hours from now with congressional leaders, including house speaker john boehner. and we learned, speaker boehner has spoken today with the senate democratic leader, harry reid. boehner has insisted the bill needs to have a provision to delay or defund obama care. minutes ago as we were listening to white house secretary jay carney giving a preview as to
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what the president is going to say or not say. >> the president's approach is he's asking for nothing, nothing from republicans. he's attaching zero demands to the general proposition that congress should simply open the government. >> but the shutdown won't be the only topic at the white house. another crisis expected to come in two weeks. whether to raise the debt ceiling. that's also on today's agenda. you remember, we covered this in 2011, that incredible frustrating stalemate over the debt ceiling debacle. it cost the u.s. its top level credit rating. right now as we check the markets, they are dipping on really fears of what could be ahead. >> we all are essential! >> and you see these pictures? that same fear of a lasting impasse is lasting federal workers to demonstrate today. as the protests build, so does the risk to national security. at least that is what the
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director of national intelligence said about the shutdown's impact. >> i have been in the intelligence business for about 50 years. i have never seen anything like this. from my view, i think this, on top of the sequestration cuts that were already taken, that this seriously damages our ability to protect the safety and security of this nation and its citizens. and the danger here, of course, that this will accumulate over time. the damage will be insidious. so each day that goes by, the jeopardy increases. >> joining me now from the hill, our chief congressional correspondent dana bash. let's talk about the meeting ahead. what are you hearing about the meeting at the white house with leaders from both sides of congress? >> there certainly is not a lot of optimism this is going to produce a breakthrough, i can tell you that. that was pretty clear in listening to jay carney and talking to republican and democratic sources, but look, the president has been
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criticized, chastised by republicans for picking up the phone and calling the president of iran and not talking to republicans. that had been a favored gop line. so he has to engage. he is the president of the united states and the government is shut down, but it's clear both sides are pretty dug in. maybe we'll be surprised. miracles happen every day, but in the meantime, everybody is going about their business here on capitol hill. by that, i mean house republicans are in probably about an hour going to start a series of votes to continue their piecemeal approach, funding just specific parts of the government. one of those parts of the government that they're going to likely pass is going to be funding the nih, which does lots of things, but it also, one of the things it does is funds clinical trials for cancer. and so i asked the question of senate democrats a short while ago, why not just support that? why not just at least approve that bill? listen to what happened. >> you all talked about children with cancer unable to go to
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clinical trials. the house is presumably going to pass a bill that funds at least the nih. given what you've said, will you at least pass that? and if not, aren't you playing the same political games republicans are? >> listen, senator durbin explained that well, and he did it here, did it on the floor earli earlier. what right did they have to pick and choose what part of government is going to be fu funded? it's obvious what's going on here. you talk about reckless and irresponsible. wow. what this is all about is obama care. they are obsessed. i don't know what other word i can use. i don't know what other word i can use. they're obsessed with this obama care. it's working now and it will continue to work and people will love it more than they do now by far. so they have no right to pick and choose. >> but if you can help one child who has cancer, why wouldn't you do it?
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>> why would we want to do that? i have 1,100 people at an air force base sitting home. they have a few problems of their own. this is -- to have someone of your intelligence to suggest such a thing maybe means you're irresponsible and reckless -- >> i'm just asking. to be clear, i was playing the devil's advocate, this is, i think, a legitimate question, especially because the senate did pass and the president signed into law a bill earlier this week that does pick and choose. it was a bill that approved military pay, so the men and women of the military are going to be paid, even still getting paid through the shutdown, so that's why i asked that question, but it just definitely goes to show how dug in democrats are that they simply think that what republicans are doing by this piecemeal approach, by, you know, deciding to just fund things that maybe
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are making headlines and are bad optics for republicans, is not going to work. that they are saying all or nothing, and they very much feel they have the upper hand here. >> we're glad you asked the question, dana bash. you're a journalist. it's your job to see both sides and ask about both sides. thank you. i want to broaden this out and bring in elizabeth cohen, our senior medical correspondent because you have been looking into the different medical trials, clinical trials because we know for every week that the government shutdown continues, there are about ten kids who have cancer who wait for this medical trial to begin. what are these trials? >> a lot of people don't know this, but they're sort of a mini hospital within the nih. the people who come there come there to be part of a clinical trial. they're some of the sickest of the sickest. these are people who are the most part have tried everything else, and their doctors said, you know what, this is a huge problem and you need to go to the nih for a clinical trial. >> and they want to give it a shot. >> they want to give it a shot for many of them they have no other choice. they go to the hospital at the
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nih and now they're told we can't enroll you. so 200 people, including ten children with cancer are told because of the shutdown we can't enroll you in the clinical trial that we thought we could enroll you in. >> not only is that an issue for the finite amount of kids, but also for the research being done, yes? >> certainly. for azt, the incredible hiv drug pat was a game changer and saved so many people, that was a at the nih, or chemotherapy. they do incredible work, make incredible discoveries, but when you slow down their research and limit their patients, there's a limit. >> just how this shutdown is affected everyone and why. and to pull away from you and go back to capitol hill. we heard harry reid. here is house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> soon americans can move on with their lives.
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we're asking the republicans in the house of representatives to take yes for an answer. we believe that if they put their own bill with their own number on the floor, that it will pass. and we will help them pass that legislation. this is a specific proposal that we are making to them, and we're making it in the form of a letter to the speaker. with that, i yield to the distinguished democratic w.h.i.p., mr. hoyer. >> thank you, leader pelosi. >> steny hoyer speaking now. we're going to ping-pong back and forth. listen to republicans on the hill saying their piece, democrats saying their piece, and the leadership will be meeting with the president in about two and a half hours from now at the white house. this partial shutdown of the federal government has a lot of
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you wondering about one of the certainties of life, taxes. jay leno summed it up well last night. >> here's the part i don't get, okay, the government is shut down. services are cut, and 33% of the federal workers were sent home. 33% of the government is shut down, how come we're still paying 100% of our taxes? tient we get a 33% discount or at least prorate it? >> and author bob green agrees with jaley leno. i read your op-ed, mr. green, on you go through this whole explanation. you liken this to kind of like buying an airplane ticket. you pay this ticket to fly, you're halfway through the trip, and the airline cancels the rest of your trip, you say, you the passenger should get a refund. we the taxpayer should get a refund as well. right? >> well, or if you join a health club for a year and pay the fee and they tell you you have to go under renovations for three months, you get 25% back. you subscribe to a magazine for
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a year and it's 52 isissues and they say we're only going to publish 26 this year, of course, they send you a refund. in a rational worldering that's how it works. you would think -- first of all, it doesn't matter which side you are on this argument, whether republican, democrat, conservative, or liberal, the fact is none of these politicians in the white house and in the congress were forced to have these jobs. they wanted them. they ran for them. they won. the congress has won in the white house. the government has one duty, which is to open the doors of the government every day. it's not a case of whether you like a particular law or like a particular politician. you have to run the government. that's the one thing they have to do, and you would think if it was a business, you would start sending those refund checks. >> when you talk about living in this rational world, bob, on the flipside, you point this out in your article, this is what you white, congress and the white house might hear this request
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and say that's preposterous, the government is hurting for funds, it needs the money. do they have a point? >> well, that's true. the government is hurting for funds and they need to money. but the people who are paying for this, the taxpayers, many of them are really hurting for funds. and many of them really need the money. and it's just -- look, i know we're not going to be checking our mailboxes tomorrow morning to see if the refund check is there? >> we're not? >> i'm not, but it would make sense if the people who shut the government down, whatever side you think is at fault, would think about it. if they're retuunning a busines where they're accountable to their customers, they would have to give the money back because they're not providing what the taxpay taxpayers paid for. >> i'm talking to a couple who had to come up with a plan b because they were getting married at the grand canyon and parks are closed so that's not happening. he said, listen, if i don't do
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my job, i don't get paid. it makes sense he's saying congress shouldn't either. when you look at the approval ratings for congress, it's 10%. do you think they just don't care what we think? >> i don't know that they don't care. i think they have all painted themselves into a corner. what you just said, brooke, because it's kind of whimsical. we're not going to get refunds, but there are people whose lives are just being torn asunder in huge ways or small ways, not because there's some law they don't like or some president or senator they don't like. because the government they paid for has stopped. and someone has got to say, what about the customers? the customer s or the employers us, the taxpayers, somebody has got to say they're the ones who really matter. we can work the other stuff back. >> i won't check my mail either, but a lot of people agree with you. thank you so much. if you want to read bob's article, >> coming up, we'll take you to
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washington to the world war ii memorial where dozens of veterans showed up today, hoping to get in. we'll show you some of the protests signs you see there. plus, the obama administration needs young people to sign up for obama care, so some celebrities are helping out. . dr. sanjay gupta joins me live on whether today's sign-up is still a bit messy. also, new twists in the biker gang attack on this family's car. find out why one of the suspects has now been released and we'll talk to someone who knows this gang very well. announcer ] this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain.
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followers. it's now recruiting celebrities for parodies to promotobomb pro care. this is jennifer hudson spoofing "scandal." >> thanks for coming. >> no problem. >> it's my mistress. she's pregnant. >> finally, an actual scandal. >> she doesn't have health insurance. >> [ bleep ]. aca takes about 15 minutes to sign up for. i need you to go to health ca >> is that working. dr. sanjay on the health care express rolling into lexington today. i know getting young people signing up, one of the challenges here. we talked to glitches yesterday. how's it going today? >> i think it's going a little better. we're here in kentucky. we were in south carolina yesterday. as a starting point, i think kentucky had better luck with things as compared to south carolina. we got some absolute numbers. kentucky is one of the few states to release some of those
11:18 am
numbers. we know, for example, about 4700 people have applied online successfully. about 1800 people have registered. that's some forward movement. guv you a little bit of context, brooke. keep in mind, again, open enrollment is six months long, but those numbers are compared to over 600,000 people who are uninsured. 1800 people registered, 600,000 uninsured. over the next six months, more and more people, they think, are going to continue to sign up. still some glitches, but again, kentucky, i talked to the governor a short time ago. he said there's no glitches today, at least in kentucky. >> let's take a listen. >> i'd say to them what i think every kentuckiens would say to them and every american would say to their congressman or senator, quit acting like a bunch of 9-year-olds in the cafeteria with a food fight. act like adults. >> so, sanjay -- >> that was actually a question
11:19 am
about -- he's a democratic governor in this state. and obviously, two very high-profile republican senators. it's a divided state in that regard. the governor feels very strongly about the affordable care act. and these two senators, obviously, are in washington dealing with the government shutdown, but i asked him what he would say to his colleagues in the senate about what's happening here. that was his response, very forceful, as you heard there, brooke. >> what about, sanjay, we were saying here in kentucky, but issues vary from state to state, correct? >> yeah, they certainly vary from state to state. there's 36 states that have essentially said, look, we're going to let the federal government handle our exchange. so they have handed it off to the federal government. we know two thirds of the states are having significant problems yesterday, south carolina being one of them. here in kentucky, the state has taken on the exchange, and they, again, they did have some glitches yesterday along with the rest of many states, but they're having better luck
11:20 am
today. it does vary both in terms of problems and also in terms of enrollments. >> all right, we will check back in with you tomorrow, sanjay gupta. you're in south carolina, kentucky. next you're headed to maryland where you'll be talking to people asking questions about obama care. meantime, coming up next, video everyone is talking about. these bikers attacking this one family's suv on the highway here. west side highway of new york and into the streets of a city. we have an update as charges are dropped against one biker in this case. and my next guest explains the inner workers of gangs like this one. also ahead, the government shutdown putting big-time football games in limbo. you'll hear why one former navy football player is angry.
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let's go to washington. house majority leader eric cantor speaking right now outside the capitol. >> it is a shame that folks in this country who come to washington to be able to see these memorials can't.
11:24 am
they should all be able to enjoy these treasures of our country in peace. that's exactly our message to harry reid and the senate, to our democratic colleagues and to the president. we ought to be working as hard as we can to open up the government in all the areas that we agree on. no one disagrees that these memorials should be open. no one disagrees that we shouldn't be funding the nih. no one -- no one disagrees that we should be helping our veterans and the kinds of services they need. those are the kinds of bills that we're going to be bringing to the floor of the house, and we hope that our democratic colleagues will stop with the games and join us in trying to relieve the pain that is being inflicted on federal employees and on the people of this country due to the shutdown. and perhaps, maybe, there is a silver lining. that in all of this, when you're
11:25 am
talking about the world war ii memorials and the other kinds of war memorials we have here, perhaps the american people can look to see the great work that the honor fight organization is affording our veterans so hopefully we, too, can join with them in wanting to see our veterans enjoying these memorials in peace. >> every week, thousands of people travel to our nation's capitol. americans, sometimes will save for a long time to be able to make this trip. in addition, we have veterans, world war ii veterans that we're losing every day, that the honor flight organization specifically has made a commitment to having them come and see this special monument that was built for them. yet today, they will be greeted with a barricade. that is unacceptable. there's no reason that these monuments shouldn't be open. open to americans, open to these veterans. we agree that this is an
11:26 am
important bill. this is important legislation that we can pass. republicans and democrats. the only reason they're being greeted with barricades is because the senate right now refuses to negotiation. and it all starts -- we have to start talking. we have to come to the table. we have to start negotiating because all across the country, americans are being impacted. there's 800,000 right now who are living without a paycheck. others that are being greeted by closed doors from government offices all across this country, again, because the senate and the democrats in the senate refuse to negotiate. we have to start talking. we have got to come to the table and do what's good and right for america. and it all starts with us, at least opening up a dialogue, an important dialogue, with the senate that right now is missing. >> house republican leaders speaking there. we heard moments ago in the same spot from house democratic leaders. both saying essentially we want to negotiate. speaking of coming to the table,
11:27 am
we can tell you that in just about two, three hours from now, leaders from both chambers, both parties, will be meeting with president at the white house, 5:30 p.m. eastern time. you heard house majority leader eric cantor specifically referencing the world war ii memorial in the capitol. the veterans moved the barriers out with their own two hands yesterday, and we can report today that more than 100 other vets were able to visit the memorial despite this government shutdown. several senators accompanied the veterans who were taking part in the honor flight program. the interior department tweeted this. let me read it for you. the honor flights are being granted access to the world war ii memorial to conduct first amendment activities in according with nps regulations so they're able to go in there. we'll take you back to washington in a moment, but first charges dropped against one of the suspects arrested in
11:28 am
last sunday's biker atang in new york city. allen edwards had turned himself in to authorities yesterday. and was initially facing a multitude of charges, including reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, but today, prosecutors say they are no longer investigating him. edwards was believed to be among the bikers caught on that videotape chasing down that suv driver. i know you have seen this. we played it for you yesterday. you see the swarm of bikers here in this range rover, this black range rover, all beginning on the west side highway. minutes after the driver ran over several of those bikers who had surrounded him, he has his wife, his 2-year-old in the car, then you see here, at one point, one of the bikers is bashing his helmet into the truck's window. second biker remains charged in this case. but police say they're looking for other suspects. one of the injured bikers had both legs broken and is now -- his family is calling for justice.
11:29 am
>> all his ribs were fractured. his lungs are so badly bruised that he's still on the ventilator. >> my husband got off his bike to help the guy. and whatever he did, he got scared, he went and peeled off and he paralyzed my husband on the way. >> new york authorities say they are still investigating. no charges have been filed against that suv driver, but that incident is sparking heated debate about these so-called motorcycle gangs, biker clubs popping up all over the country. how can you tell which ones are clubs and which ones are not? let's bring in gary, i know you have investigated 1,000 or so of these motorcycle gangs with a group that currently oversees and investigates these outlaw motorcycle gangs. terry, this gang in particular in new york, they're called hollywood stunts. in general, who are these bikers?
11:30 am
>> in this case, they're not a documented gang that i'm familiar with, but in motorcycle gangs which we call outlaw motorcycle gangs, it's their behavior. when they're a criminal and do criminal acts, that defines what they are as opposed to what they dress like. >> so when we talk about criminal acts, and from what i have read about this particular group, you know in the past, they're not violent. with this as an exception, that they are a stunt group. >> right. they're not necessarily going to engage in violence except when they view one of their members as being attacked. and then you see a violent response. and that's typical of outlaw motorcycle gangs and organizations that are like that. >> criticism i have read, terry, is new yorkers are very angry. they say the police commissioner ray kelly and police aren't doing enough. i read that commissioner excely, though, that they were aware
11:31 am
there had been arrests. do you think there's a fair criticism. is it tough to prosecute these bikers? >> it is difficult to prosecute them. a lot of times you have witness intimidation. but in this case, you have a traffic collision followed by someone with a video camera. so you have all of that to do download. you have to do the crash reconstruction, interviews. it's not a one-day process with that many people involved. >> okay, terry katz, thank you very much. coming up next, back to government shutdown. we'll talk to a former navy football player on the possibility of the shutdown and how it may cancel the big rivalry game with the air force this weekend. you're watching cnn's special live coverage of the first government shutdown in 17 years. we'll be right back. quit smokin. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix,
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you know, representative peter king and people like that on the right who aren't the 30 or so sort of tea party group
11:35 am
that are -- just come to shut down government, they don't want to do it. i think the cooler heads will prevail and eventually, the republican party -- you know, i don't think boehner wants to do this either, really, i don't. >> here's another potential glinch. saturday's navy/air force game is in limbo. it could be canceled or postponed because of the government shutdown. if it continues, it will affect the guy name this weekend. same goes for the army/boston college game. we're hearing a final decision should come down tomorrow. in the meantime, i want to bring in bobby jones with the united states navy. he's a dear friend of mine from the sixth grade. so rashad, hello. you played football, my friend, back in the day in annapolis at the u.s. naval academy. your brother went to the air force, brandon. how kuj is this game? >> well, it's big for a variety
11:36 am
of reasons. however, not like the average college football game. our fanbase, primarily, are made up of veterans, active duty reservists, military families. it's kind of funny, you were talking about the veterans, the world war ii vets coming to the memorial. those are the guys we play for. those guys come back to the game. and we want to play that, not just for bragging rights, obviously, but we want to play it for them to honor them. >> what are your -- if this isn't played, i know you want to honor the men and women. how do you describe -- are you angry, sadness? what are your colleagues saying? >> well, i wouldn't say we're angry. in the military, we are taught and basically developed to be able to roll with the punches. and a lot of times, things aren't going to go the way you want them to. that's part of life. and part of our missions, a lot. so we are just trying to grin
11:37 am
and bear it. we're hoping that people can work something out so we can play the game. and again, it's not for us. it's not for the typical, you know, nebraska big red fan base or alabama crimson tide fanbase. it's for a very unique and special group. that's why we want to play. ologis also, it's a huge recruiting tool for us to attract others that is part of something that is greater than themselves. >> if it doesn't happen, the recruitment tool goes away or possibly is retired. you're sitting there in colorado springs, colorado. you're home, you work for the missile defense agency. with the shutdown, are you going to work? how is your office? >> well, i am going to work. you know, congress worked that out a couple days ago, before the shutdown commenced. however, you know, many government organizations, particularly those in the department of defense, have been dealing with the effects of
11:38 am
sequestration prior to the shutdown, so we've seen an erosion of workforce not just where i work, but in colorado springs, a heavy military town with multiple bases, you have seen a lot of people either furloughed or outright lose their job. so it's been something we've been dealing with now for quite a while. once again, we try to adjust. we reprioritize what needs to happen as far as training and operations, but it's been -- it's been an issue for a while. and we have a lot of anxious people here. >> lieutenant commander bobby reshad jones. here's hoping they play that game on saturday. thank you, sir. >> thank you, and go navy. be there for us. >> coming up next, sticker shock. we'll uncover the true cost of this government shutdown on a daily basis. plus, two cold cases, multiple murders. now a quiet community speaks out on the elderly neighbors linked
11:39 am
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let's talk about the cost, sheer dollars and cents here, of this government shutdown. this number will blow you away. $1 billion a week in pay lost by these furloughed federal workers. and that's just the beginning. if this thing drags on for four weeks. let's say, the estimated cost, $55 billion. christine romans, host of "your money" has the details on these shocking costs. >> with 800,000 workers furloughed, orders unfilled, fees unclikted, confidence slipping by the minutes, the cost of the shutdown and the dubt ceiling crisis may be a stumbling block the economy may not bounce back from. first, a two-week shutdown, here's what macroeconomic
11:43 am
advisers said, it would shave about .3% off growth. moody's said a four-week shutdown would cut economic growth in half, 1.4% in growth. translation, fewer jobs created, businesses would close, less economic activity. it's not good for anyone when you're trying to grow jobs and put a fragile community on its feet. let's say you had a four-week shutdown. you would see losses nearing $55 billion economic hilt, according to many economists. put that in perspective to colorado flooding, $2.5 billion. the bp oil spill, also manmade, $42 billion set aside to pay for the cleanup and damage to that. imagine that. it's like it's hurricane shutdown. preventable, manmade, foreseeable, but still a hit to the economy. let's take a look at the next big hurdle, a debt default. it's really critical that the united states continue to pay its bills on time.
11:44 am
when you don't pay your bills on time, what happens? your credit rating goes down. it costs more to borrow money. if the u.s. were to default on its bills because come october 17th it's got $30 billion cash on hand and much more coming in terms of bills due, if the u.s. were to default, interest rates could sky rocket, interest rates would slide, many economists say it could throw the economy right back into a recession. and the economy that is still fragile and does not need washington theatrics to make it worse. brooke. >> christine romans. thank you. >> we will get you back to our special coverage. day two of the government shutdown in just a moment, but first, two arrests in the two cold cases, and look at these folks, the unlikely murder suspects. this couple in their 70s. we'll tell you what they're accused of doing to their own families decades ago. we're on the case, next. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
11:45 am
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back decades resurrected today with a twist with an elderly couple accused of murdering their ex-pouss. >> this is gerald and mary louise ayeadone.
11:48 am
they're accusing alice of killing her husbaex-husband. as for her husband, gerald, he is charged with killing his ex-wife and her two kids. they were last seen in wyoming in 1980. stephanie elam joins me. i read about this and i thought, what? how did police or sheriff's deputies even know to start asking questions about these two? >> it's a bizarre story because you have two people who allegedly killed their spouses five years apart, having no relationship whatsoever with these two murders. then finding each other, getting married and raising their own family. a very bizarre story, but it seems to have started because of alice. they said what happened here, she allegedly told a witness, the officials say, about shooting her husband, her ex-husband, in the back of the head and putting him in a barrel and disposing of the barrel in a gold mine. well, the remains of her ex-husband were uncovered in
11:49 am
august in a gold mine that had not been touched for a long time, obviously. and it was that that led them to then find alice. and during that time while they were talking to alice, who actually got divorced from her husband -- they got married in september of '74. they got divorced but they couldn't find him to deliver the divorce papers so she lived her life. then, while they're investigating this and they arrest her for that, then they start looking at allegations against gerald, her current husband. that's when they discover that they believe he not only killed his wife but also her two sons. they allegedly are reporting he drove them to a different county in wyoming, shot them and did his best to hide the bodies. they have not indicated whether or not they have found the bodies at all of the three people. >> these are the accusations. these are the charges and this is the point of the story where people start banging down the doors of neighbors saying did
11:50 am
you notice anything suspicious? >> neighbors are shocked. they live in a rural part of missouri, christian county, and take a listen to the sound of people who live there who were shocked by this. >> they were just the old neighbors next door, good people. we've known them for about 12 years now. and they're the kind of neighbors you would lean over the fence and talk about chickens with. >> it's something you wouldn't expect in this part of the woods, as they call it, you know. >> and there is no idea what the motive could have been for either of the udens to commit these murders. they do not know, and as we know of right now, they're in a jail in missouri waiting to be extradited to wyoming where they committed these crimes. >> crazy story. we'll stay in touch with you. coming up next, frightening new video shows a school bus crash from inside the bus. what happened? the cause? we'll tell you next. plus, sad news today out of
11:51 am
the literary world. tom clancy has died. we'll take a look at his incredible career.
11:52 am
11:53 am
the literary world and millions of readers experiencing a big loss today. spy thriller author tom clancy has died at a hospital in his hometown of baltimore. he was 6 years of age. and you know his popular novels.
11:54 am
they have propelled him to fortune, hollywood spotlight. all started with "the hunt for red october" in 1984. followed by "the sum of all fears" "clear and present danger" and "patriot games." all became big hits in the box office. >> nobody knew a thing about it until it was all over. >> once more, we play our dangerous games. >> tom clancy was a master story teller best known for wite writing thrillers based on intrigue. he never revealed classified information or sensitive operative details about the troops he often wrote about. the cause of his death, though, is not immediately known. not immediately released. and now to this. tacoma, washington, here. you're watching this violent collision involving two school buses caught on tape from
11:55 am
inside. fortunately, you see the seats are empty other than these unfortunate drivers here. no kids on the bus. one of the buses hit a truck before ramming into the rear of the second bus. the driver of the first bus was ticketed for negligent driving, but no one was hurt. coming up, new twists in the biker gang attack on a family's car. why did police release one of the suspects? plus, they have been dubbed the suicide caucus. this group of republicans who demanded obama care be defunded or delayed before the bill could pass. now, some of their fellow republicans are turning against them. the day my doctor told me i had diabetes,
11:56 am
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11:58 am
leave it to those late-night comedians to get the last word and last laugh about the government shutdown and obama care. >> i'm glad the government is shut down. think about it, for the first time in years it's safe to talk on the phone and end e-mails without anyone listening in. >> the nsa, the nsa, out of business. >> what? >> no, gone. nsa, and while they're closed, while the government is shut down, they are asking citizens to please spy on each other. >> okay. >> just help out. >> no problem. >> what happened, the government just shut down? >> i don't know. i went out for a smoke break. and came back to the capitol, and the door was locked.
11:59 am
>> so you came to see my show? >> well, no. actually, i came up here to see jersey boys. but that was all sold out. >> you want to find out if it makes sense for you to sign up online? it's very easy. all you have to do is tweet, i am sick, to @barackobama. >> here's the part i don't get. the government is shut down, services are cut, and 33% of the federal workers were shut down. so how come we're still paying 100% of our taxes? sh shouldn't we get a 33% discount or at least prorate it? >> hour two, i'm brooke baldwin, as we continue our coverage here. special live coverage of day two of this government shutdown. here you have the president. he's scheduled to be part of this meeting, called this meeting in just about two and a half hours from now with congressional leaders on both
12:00 pm
sides, boat chambers, including john boehner, and boehner, we should point out, we have learned, has spoken today with the senate majority leader, harry reid. speaker boehner has insisted any bill would have to provide a provision to defund or delay obama care, but the showdown will not be the only topic at the white house. another crisis, as we have been reporting, expected to come in two weeks. all or not to raise the debt ceiling. that will also be on this meeting's agenda. we all remember 2011 and that debacle, the stalemate, whatever you want to call it here, over the debt ceiling. that cost the u.s. its top-level credit rating. this afternoon, the white house press secretary gave a preview of this meeting, saying the president is making, quote, zero demands. >> making no demands. he's attaching no partisan strings. to his request that congress fulfill its responsibility to
12:01 pm
insure that the united states does not default on its obligations for the first time in our long history. >> joining me now, our chief congressional correspondent, dana bash. you're talking to a lot of people on the hill. what are you hearing about this upcoming meeting at the white house? >> well, actually, i'll put that question right to a member of the house democratic leadership, steve is here with me. you have been in meetings with nancy pelosi who is going to attend the meeting at the white house. are expectations even remotely high that anything can get accomplished? >> everybody knows what inc everybody else knows. the votes are there right now on the house to pass a budget, reopen the government, at a level the republicans want, without defunding obama care. >> but that has been on the table, the state of reality for a long time. and republicans won't budge. is the president prepared to give him something to negotiate on anything to try to end this stalemate? >> the president is going to say to speaker boehner, what is it
12:02 pm
going to take to open up this government? speaker boehner then has a choice, he can pander to his tea party elements and his caucus and say you're not going to get anything, it's our way or the highway or speaker boehner can present an exit strategy that makes sense. we want to open the government, we can do it in the next few minutes. it's not about 10, 20, 30 republicans. it's about one. will speaker boehner release the 16 republicans who said they would vote with us, to take this. >> as we speak, you and your fellow colleagues are beginning a series of votes on the house floor to fund five parts of the government. veterans, the national park service, and also among those is the nih, which of course, funds research, cancer research for everybody, including children. democrats are in a tough spot, right? that's the whole point, that's the republican strategy, to put you in a tough spot. >> that is the republican strategy, to put us in a tough
12:03 pm
spot, but what they're doing is putting america in a tough spot. they're saying to the american people, we're going to decide what gets funded and what doesn't. the american people want to fund things, keep the government open, and then decide. >> harry reid was saying you can't pick and choose one over the other, but congress earlier this week passed a bill to keep the salaries going for men and women of the military. you've already picked and chosen. so why not at least if this is on the table, if it's in front of you as an option, vote to fund the nih so at least the trials can keep going while other parts of the government are closed? >> because this is not a restaurant menu. this is government. and when we did support continued funding for our troops, that was before the government shut down. i don't believe that anybody believed john boehner would dig in to the extent he did and double down and keep the government shut down for as long as it was shut down. there was a hope he would come to the table and negotiate a compromise. that hope has evaporated.
12:04 pm
but still, dana, i think we can get this. in fact, i know it. there are 225 votes ready to go right now to fund a clean budget, no defunding of obama care. at the low level that the republicans want. our message to speaker boehner is take yes for an answer. >> thank you, congressman steve israel, and we'll see what happens at the white house, but with all due respect, with what congressman israel is saying is what the white house has been saying and what john boehner and his republican leadership so far has said that's not a negotiating position from their perspective. >> thank you. congressman israel, thank you. the congressman was talking specifically about speaker boehner. even republicans admit this partial shutdown of the government shows the minority can rule. >> within my own conference, obviously, everyone knows we have a far right faction that we have to deal with and we have to unify. >> that faction that he was
12:05 pm
talking about, this minority was first rallied by this freshman congressman from western north carolina. mark metto. so let me take you back to august. congressman meadows sent a letter to his speaker in the house, john boehner, asking to, quote, affirmatively defund the implementation and enforcement of obama care in any relevant appropriations bills brought to the house. fast forward to these 80 members signing their names, earning them the new name, the suicide caucus. >> ronald reagan used to have the greatest line. he says, if you can't make them see the light, make sure they feel the heat. >> joining me now is cnn political commentator who wrote this article in "the new yorker" about this suicide caucus. nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> i want to talk about your piece in a second, but just first to the headline of the day, the meeting at the white
12:06 pm
house, boehner, pelosi, reid, the president, jack lew as well, i mean, if republicans are calling for negotiating and the president says, listen, when it comes to obama care, there is nothing to discuss, what are they talking about? >> that's a good question. i think that they'll probably talk about harry reid's proposal. he sent a letter to boehner saying if you pass a clean, continuing resolution, which in the democrats' view, that's already a concession, if you pass that, then harry reid is saying we'll all get together in this conference committee and work through all of the big fiscal issues, everything can be on the table. you just can't keep the government shut, as a price to get your way. so that's probably what obama's position is right now as well. for boehner, you know, he's got to bring something back. the conventional wisdom among republicans is he has to have, to get out of this, to pass something, you've got to give
12:07 pm
him some small victory and a clean cr won't be enough. now, if this plays out, maybe obama finds a way to give boehner some small victory where he can start funding the government and they can move on to debate the debt ceiling. not looking good right now. >> i don't know what this victory might look like for specifically this group, the suicide caucus, you wrote specifically in the new yorker about, because you have these 80 members, 18% of the house, a third of the 233 house republicans here, and we have this map from your piece, ryan. talk to me about this specific group and the districts that these folks come from. >> well, it's sort of explaining a lot, right inthese 80 members won their races by an average of 34 points. right? so they live in super majority districts where they don't have to worry about the democrat. obama, who won nationally of course in the 2012 election by four points, lost in these districts by an average of 23 points. if you're one of these 80 members, you won by some 30 points, obama lost by some 20
12:08 pm
points, all you care about is the republican primary challenge from your right. look, it's not unusual in american history where you have a faction in one party or another that pushes from the far right or the far left. what's unusual is that they got their way, right? they wrote this letter to senator ted cruz and marco rubio and mike lee, supported them, and you had these outside interest groups that spent a lot of money on this over the summer when we weren't paying attention, and boehner publicly opposed to what they were doing with the letter, threw his arms up and said, all right, i have to try it your way because you kind of call the shots there. why is that? boehner is not as strong a speaker as previous speakers have been. previous speakers could tell their guys what to do. he doesn't have the pork barrel spending they used to have where you could buy votes. and he doesn't have the campaign cash that he can throw around to help these guys get elected. they have their own independent
12:09 pm
sources of campaign cash. so the system has really changed a lot, and a small, very, very idealogical faction has been successful here in setting us on a course of this government shutdown. >> incredible to think of the gerrymandering the districts, which then begat this faction, which then begat this stalemate to a degree. ryan, we'll see what comes out of this 5:30 eastern time white house meeting. thank you sgloorb as the federal government sends home about 800,000 employees without pay, shutters government offices, national parks, museums, the question remains, what about the less obvious costs of the shutdown. tom foreman is in washington with a look at the real-life impact. >> everybody is trying to measure the real impact. and you're right, we knew up front about the big red zone impact here, the 800,000 or so people who would lose their jobs with the federal government. all the businesses that deal directly with the federal government, day by day by day,
12:10 pm
they're being hit by it. we also knew before this started that there would be something of a green zone back here. by that, i mean agencies that would considered essential so they're not cut back as much. airports and customered and border patrol. the mail service, things like that. the real area of concern you're hearing so much talk about is this, the yellow zone here, where there are cuts of people maybe weren't thinking of or didn't expect so much. for example, the national security agency, the cia and other intelligence forces. in some areas we're hearing there are 70% reductions. 70% in terms of civilian staff. that has a potential impact on diplomatic missions, military missions overseas. a lot of concern over that on capitol hill. if you need to hire somebody, you need to check on immigration status, so you may use the e-verify. it's not working now so you can't check on that that way. meat inspections by the department of agriculture are going on now as they normally would, but there are other
12:11 pm
agencies that have other inspectors who check out other food sources for health and safety. those people have been furloughed. so that's not happening. new clinical trials at the national institutes for health. there are people out there who want to get into the trials to try potentially life-saving treatments, up to 200 people a week are told now they can't do that. there's no money for that. and head start, about 19,000 families in the country have been told there's no place for their children to go now because of head start. now, you may look at all this and say that's savings in taxes. some people do see it that way, but it's also money that's not going into the economy. so i just added it up, and their tally here is about $300 million per day, not going into the economy right now. and maybe that doesn't matter, even though it's a big number, for a few days, but the longer it goes on, the more it adds up, and it is adding up hour by hour by hour. brooke. >> a large number behind you,
12:12 pm
tom foreman. thank you. coming up, we'll keep you in washington. we'll take you to the beautiful world war ii memorial where dozens of veterans showed up today, hoping they could get in. we'll show you what happened. we'll show you the protest signs. plus, the obama administration needs young people to sign up for obama care. so celebrities are helping out. >> thanks for coming. >> no problem. >> it's my mistress. she's pregnant. >> dr. sanjay gupta joins me on how today, day two, how the sign-up process is going. also, new twists in the biker gang attack on a family's car. find out why one of the suspects has been released and i'll speak live with a biker who has seen this kind of intimidation before. i'm only in my 60's.
12:13 pm
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12:16 pm
eastboard on this highway and for some reason crossed the median and hit this tractor trailer. and the passenger car, and again, confirming multiple fatalities here. and still awaiting the report as far as how many people were injured, types of injuries. making phone calls, on this fatal accident on i-40 in tennessee. as soon as we get more information for you, we'll pass it along. let me move on, though, to our special coverage, day two of this government shutdown. obama care needs young people. lots and lots of young people. 2.7 million healthy americans fwe between the ages of 18 and tr34 have to sign up to balance out the number of sick people expected to join this program. that could be tough because young americans are not as easy to reach as you think. that's where this comedy website funny or die come in. millions of people follow it, and it's using serious star power and parody to help sell obama care.
12:17 pm
>> thanks for coming. >> no problem. >> it's my mistress. she's pregnant. >> finally, an actual scandal. >> she doesn't have health insurance. >> [ bleep ]. >> aca takes about 15 minutes to sign up for. i need you to go to health ca >> let's check in with sanjaygumenta, rolling along in lexington, cekentucky, today. not only do they need the youngsters to sign up, how is it going today, day two? >> i think better than yesterday. obviously, a lot of glitches, the operative word you heard yesterday so much. kentucky probably fared better than most. i spoke to people, including the governor earlier today, who say there has been no evidence of glitches today. to give you context, 4700 people who applied online, 1800 people who have registered in the state of kentucky. there's more than 600,000 people
12:18 pm
who are uninsured. this is the first couple days. you have six months, until the end of march. my guess is if human psychologist plays a role, from march 6th upward, you'll see an up tick. people like to wait until the last mbt. >> we have been talking about signps, but we're hearing a lot of warnings. will people who have insurance lose it? that's a real concern among a lot of americans. >> yeah, and the mantra seems to have been from president obama and others, look, if you have insurance, don't worry about it. nothing is going to change. and i think as a result of that, a lot of people haven't been focused on this, haven't been talking or thinking about deand now you're starting to hear some of the things you're talking about. we're here in kentucky. one of the big distribution centers for u.p.s., and u.p.s. is going to tell about 15,000 spouses of non-union employees of u.p.s. if you can get your
12:19 pm
health care insurance from your own job, not as part of the spousal coverage, you should do that. 15,000 people. is this a sign of things to come? are more companies going to do things like that? we don't know. but again, to be clear, those people will still be able to have health care insurance, just now through their own employers as opposed to u.p.s. >> and sanjay, this varies from state to state, correct, the experience here? >> it varies from state to state for lots of different reasons. we're in south carolina yesterday. that's a state that basically said the federal government will be allowed to set up their marketplace, their exchange. in kentucky, this state took on that responsibility themselves. there are states that have not accepted medicaid dollars to expand their medicaid programs. kentucky is a state that did. look, kentucky is an interesting place because it is a state divided in many ways. you have a governor who is very supportive of this, a democrat. and two high-profile senators, paul and mcconnell, no secret
12:20 pm
how they feel about this. no secret that they're still in washington trying to get our government restarted as well. i talked to the governor about this specifically. take a listen to what he said. >> this is not a democrat or republican issue. this is an issue for me that's about kentucky families and about how we can for the first time get decent affordable health coverage for these families so that they're not just one diagnosis away from bankruptcy. >> he went on to say, i'll tell you, he sort of sees this as a bunch of 9-year-olds in the middle of a food fight. he was forceful about how he spoke about this and he's not happy, as a lot of people have become quite passionate about this issue. kentucky is unique, i think, in that particular regard. >> it's nice to see you out there talking to the people, talking to the governor of the state. you're in south carolina, kentucky. we'll see you in maryland tomorrow talking to people, answering their questions when it comes to obama care, and he'll have much more on a
12:21 pm
special dr. sanjay gupta md this weekend on cnn. coming up, with regards to the shutdown, voices from the left and right will join me to debate what should happen inside the president's meeting with party leaders about two hours from now. what if anything can the president give up to republicans? anything? >> plus, more on the frightening video we have been watching. this mob of bikers pulling this man who is with his family out of his suv, beating him, and he ran over several of them as well. we're learned charges have been dropped against one of those bikers. i'll talk live with a man who has seen this kind of intimidation on the road before. tool, " you tell us what you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose from. who is she? that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff. wow! look at her go! she's pretty good. she's pretty good. hey, flobot, great job. oops.
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sleep train's inventory clearance sale is on now. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ i've got some new information for you in this video that has been ask, this graphic biking, suv incident involving some of the motorcyclists and the driver of an suv that happened last sunday in new york. we now know that charges were dropped today against one of the suspects arrested in that incident. allen edwards had turned himself in to authorities tuesday. he was initially facing charges
12:25 pm
including reckless endangerment and criminal mischief, but prosecutors are now saying they're no longer investigating him specifically and we just got word from a law enforcement official that edwards may have been trying to help and protect the driver of that suv who was badly beaten. that's according to a witness who came forward to police. let's talk about how this can happen. how things can unfold on the road. this is cj, the former president of the cocky riders motorcycle club. welcome to you. first of all, let me get your perspective. when you watch this video on the west side highway and into the streets of manhattan, what are your thoughts? >> my thoughts are, i mean, i couldn't believe it. it was hard to watch. i couldn't understand what was going on. i couldn't understand why the driver would run over a motorcycle and a person, at that. >> we know that the driver so far, of the suv, isn't charged.
12:26 pm
we're looking at video now where this goes into the streets of manhattan. as we were reporting, one of these motorcyclists is bashing in the side of his suv. you have been in a similar incident. i read you were out on the road, seven or eight other bikers and an suv comes 70 miles per hour, what happened? >> pretty much, you know, we were riding, having a good time, enjoying our day, and some guy just kind of split us, ran through us, at about 70 miles per hour. and the initial reaction was, you know, my fellow riders, they wanted to reach out to them and find out what was going on. >> when you say reach out to him, what does that mean? >> pretty much, you know, questioning, pull up to the car and find out what was going on. probably the same thing we see here in this video.
12:27 pm
but i saw that he was -- he must have -- his wife must have been pregnant or something was going on to where to me, he wasn't rational. i just let it go. i signaled to the people who i was with to let him go and he continued on driving crazy, about 70 miles per hour. i figured he had something important going on. >> there seems, though, to be a fine line between out riding on the road, following the laws of the road, and ultimately, and listen, i wasn't there. i don't know exactly what predicated what, but then for this biker that you see on the video to start bashing in this man's suv window and hitting him. >> you know, i feel like, you know, we have families to get to. you know, we're trying to get home, see our loved ones. when someone does something like that, it causes anger. and a lot of times, you know,
12:28 pm
when we will address the vehicle, all we want is an oh, i'm sorry. something that says i messed up, i made a mistake. and if a driver doesn't exert that, then, you know, aggression just goes from there. >> cj, i appreciate you coming on and at least trying to explain the perspective of a biker. thank you. coming up, we know the meeting is set. president obama will be sitting down with leaders of the house and senate on both sides of the aisle in two hours. but will that be the key to ending this impas, ending this government shutdown? what will each side give up, if anything? the right, the left, we'll debate what should happen behind those closed doors with me next. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪
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down, do i get to stop paying taxes for right now because they're not working? that is awesome. okay.
12:32 pm
for the amount they're closed, i'm not paying my taxes, and watch, i get arrested tonight. >> sandra bullock on the government shutdown. day two, everyone has an opinion. tonight, could we see progress in seeing this end to a stalemate. president obama scheduling a meeting two hours from now at the white house with leaders of both chambers including the man on the right, john boehner. you have republicans, democrats, the president, and we should point out, speaker boehner, we learned today, has spoken over the phone with senate majority leader harry reid. let's debate this. on the left, we have van jones, cohost of "crossfire" and ben ferguson. welcome to both of you, and ben ferguson, you're first up to bat because it's obvious, we heard from jay carney. the president has not minced words. there's. no negotiating when it comes to obama care. what is plan b for republicans on this one? >> i don't know what plan b is
12:33 pm
for republicans except for getting in the room with the president and trying to hammer something out, because the president of the united states of america has at some point has to be the lead negotiator. that's why he's president of the united states of america. he doesn't have the luxury of doing what other congressional leaders are doing, which is throwing huge insults, calling people terrorists, acting like they have bombs strapped to their chests, as even the white house is saying. he's got to get these people in a room for an extended period of time. i'm surprised we're not at camp david right now. that's what the last five presidents did. they were talking every day and they weren't fighting in the media all day long when they were in rooms together. he's got to step up to the plate and get a deal done. >> van, what, if anything, could the president give up to give in to republicans right now? >> well, i think right now, we should just be happy this is not the end. not the beginning of the end, but at least the end of the beginning. we're now beginning to have the talks. what the president should be trying to do now is make sure to
12:34 pm
remind his colleagues he's already compromised a lot. he's already given up a lot. we gave up single payer. that was a compromise. we gave up the public option. that was a compromise. even in the past couple years, eight times he's signed into law changes and modifications to obama care. compromised a lot, even on the cr right now, we have given away $70 billion of concessions to the republicans and gotten no credit for it. i think he needs to make sure they understand and remember so we're not governing by amnesia and crisis, that we've already compromised quite a bit. you have to start the conversation there. >> you're laughing, why? >> well, because when obama care was passed, it was done by democrats who basically shut out the republicans. the compromise, i do agree with van, have come to those who are lobbyists, those who are big democratic donors, those who are union leaders with the muscle and power to go to the white house and ask for exceptions to obama care. more than 1,000 companies got
12:35 pm
exceptions. that's a compromise. i wish he would have the same spirit he had with union leaders and with big business and lobbyists with a compromise on the exclusion of not having to be in obama care. if he would have that with republicans on other issues. >> you got me wrong -- >> no, i'm not wrong. they got the exemptions. they had big business people and big lobbyists who went to the white house and got 1,000 exc , exemptions. that's the fact. the president has to get in a room, and by saying things like, i'm not going to do them any favors and they're not going to do me any favors and i'm not going to compromise. that's only going to keep the government shut down that much longer. >> van jones, if this is the end of the beginning, what about congress? what about their salaries? should they be paid? >> the constitution requires that they be paid. you can't change their salary in the middle. i admire the congressional leaders, who are giving their money back. they should, it should put
12:36 pm
pressure on them. let's not forget, there's 800,000 workers who right now are suffering and i think there should be solidarity between congress and those folks. >> ben, do you agree with that? >> absolutely. even ted cruz said i'm not going to take my salary every day we're in a shutdown. if we look forward, the 17th is the date when the default and money really becomes an issue. >> that's doomsday, let's be real. >> and they're going to bring it down to the wire. look at the president this weekend. he's going to asia. do you need to -- >> no, he's not. >> he is going to go. >> he shortened his trip. >> he's going. he's not cancelling the trip. >> i think it's important he do that. i would like to say a few things when you get finished. >> he's going out of the country when this country is shut down. i would say the president of the united states of america, what does asia have right now that america -- that's more important than the american government, the 800,000 workers, and the
12:37 pm
people that are hurting right now. why are you leaving america -- >> let's let van have the floor. respond to that. >> thank you. well, first of all, asia has a lot of economic opportunities for our country, some of our strongest economic partners are there. i think it's important that the president of the united states continue to open up markets for us and help us keep the economy going. he's been able to do that despite the fact that congress won't pass any of the jobs bills they used to support that he put forward, number one. number two, i think where we are is a very, very important moment. despite -- i'm very proud right now to be a democrat and i'm proud of the president. people have criticized his leadership. he's there first pretdz to get health care to all americans. across the country, there have so many people excited to serve up for health care, they're crashing servers and the system. why? no american president has been able to create a situation where every american could get covered. 20 years from now what people will be saying, this president gault doctors to babies and the
12:38 pm
republicans shut the government down they were so mad about it. >> white house meeting in two hours. have to leave it there. ben ferguson and van jones. and watch cross fire tonight on cnn. >> coming up, we're taking you to the world war ii memorial where there's a crowd there. dozens of veterans showed up hoping to get in. see what happened and see the protest signs they're carrying. >> plus, best-selling author tom clancy has died. you know him as the author of spy thriller juggernauts like "the hunt for red october" and "patriot games." more on tom clancy's legacy next. [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't?
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12:41 pm
the spy thriller novelist of all time, perhaps we could go that far, he has passed away. 66-year-old tom clancy died in a baltimore hospital yesterday. and several of his books became hollywood block busters including "the hunt for red october" in 1984. followed by "the sum of all fears" "clear and present danger" and "patriot games." he was called one of the most visionary story tellers of all time. let's go to new york with more on his legendary literary career with nischelle turner. he was quite the writer. >> absolutely, brooke. his death, the news of it has left millions of fans stunned because people didn't even know he was sick. at this stage, his family, the
12:42 pm
publisher haven't released information on where he passed away or where he died, only that it was in baltimore. we expect to have more details shortly. his resume, so impressive. he wrote 28 books both fiction and nonfiction. 17 of them were best-sellers. and you were talking about some of the titles there. you think about it, gosh, a who's who of political spy thrillers. i was thinking just a personal aside. we were talking today about what was our favorite. i have to think because of the writi writing, i thought "patriot games" was so well written. as a movie, i thought "clear and present danger" was my favorite. his publisher called him the consummate author, and that book summed it all up. >> he told cnn at one point, he would get all this intel and all this military minutia, he would never guv up his sources, but he would write up it and get us to the movie theaters each and
12:43 pm
every time. nischelle sterner, thank you. and congress has trouble figuring out how to come to an agreement, but americans have no trouble at all deciding what they think about the situation. you'll hear from some folks who have a simple message for congress. two words "grow up." but next, we'll take you to the world war ii memorial where dozens of veterans showed up today hoping to get in. jake tapper was there. he talked to one veteran who did not hold back. we'll talk to jake next. but first, rainn wilson, known for his role as dwight on "the office" is helping his fame to help educate girls all around the world. we show you how in this "impact your world." >> i'm rainn wilson. together, we can make an impact on educating women and girls all around the globe. >> phyllis, my sister, more like
12:44 pm
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12:45 pm
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12:48 pm
today, more than 100 of our nation's veterans were able to visit the world war ii memorial in our nation's capital despite the government shutdown. a group of vets crossed the barricade yesterday to visit this memorial, and jake tapper was there all day long. you talked to these folks who came just to pay their own respects and i imagine many of them were pretty irked over this whole government shutdown thing. >> they were indeed.
12:49 pm
it was an honor to serf time with these heroes, these men who served time in europe and the pacific in world war ii and also a few korean war veterans as well. they're brought here through honor flights which brings veterans from world war ii and korea and greatly ill veterans here to the memoriamemorial. and we saw the scene where they took down the barricades. today's veterans did not have to take down the barricades. the park service was there and welcoming. in addition to the politicians there trying to get a piece of the action and the protesters shouting their various messages were the men themselves and a few women with their own messages. i want to play sound. this is fred. i got to speak with him, a world wau war ii army veteran who served in the south pacific. what does it mean to be here today? >> i'm glad it's open because i think what the politicians are doing is nuts. absolutely crazy. if they want to do something
12:50 pm
drastic, why don't they cut their salaries? wouldn't that be great? >> reporter: now, of course there were those who had their strong opinions and blamed this on president obama and democrats, others who blamed it on house republicans and the tea party, but generally speaking, brooke, these guys, remember, they're in their 90s, were not really interested in whose fault it was. they just thought washington was dysfunctional. as one leader noted it was ironic, these guys fought to preserve this democracy in this country and this is the democracy we have as of right now. >> i liked his word. he says "this is nuts." many americans agree with him. we look forward to seeing you there live on capitol hill for your show today in ten minutes. thanks very much. we'll be watching. coming up, americans about to get real with congress, not holding back. you'll hear from some with a simple message -- grow up.
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
many americans are not shy sharing their finance on the government shutdown. ted rowland talked to people who had two words for congress -- grow up. >> reporter: morning commuters have a lot to say to lawmakers about the government shutdown. >> grow up. you're there for a bigger purpose. >> it's just games they're playing. i would say get beyond it, get over it, and think about the
12:54 pm
people, you know, that they're hurting. >> reporter: while there's universal disgust for both parties, many republicans are concerned their party will end up taking a hit. >> i think the republicans will get a lot of blame for it unform. i don't think it's their fault. there's plenty of blame to go around. but they'll get most of it, yeah. >> reporter: what would you say to the president and harry reid? >> i would say let's get off this my way or the highway stuff. you know, let's compromise. let's figure out what pieces we can make work. let's figure out what pieces we can't make work and let's adjust. >> reporter: some people think it's up to president obama to break the gridlock. >> i think he should step in or something, absolutely. absolutely. do something. don't worry about this obama care and whatever. do something now for the people that are struggling in america. >> reporter: some actually think a shutdown isn't so bad. >> i don't have a problem with it. i mean, i don't want to see the government default on its debt, but generally speaking, the government's not doing something, it's probably a good thing. >> reporter: are you worried that the shutdown will hurt p
12:55 pm
tar p-- the party? >> no. i'm very much in favor of what they're doing, frankly. you can see the world isn't coming to an end because the federal government shut down. >> ted rowlands joining me e now. world not coming to an end. the big issue with the debt ceiling in a couple weeks but bottom line people are not shy, are they, ted. >> reporter: no. yesterday we were in downtown chicago. now we're in naperville, illinois, a suburb which always leans to the right. we talked to a lot of republicans. as one guy said, he's fearful that the backlash is going to hurt their party. the bottom line is republican, democrat, independent, most people think what's going on in ridiculous and needs to stop. >> the clock on the screen. 39 hours and counting. thank you. coming up, quite the story. a judge sentences a convicted killer to prison, diggs his dis courtroom and does something pretty incredible.
12:56 pm
>> not possible you could grant that to somebody, a murderer. >> we'll tell you exactly what that judge did that has folks like the woman you just heard from so angry.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
we are in day two of this government shutdown as we watch and wait. before we go, a day in court began with a killer being sentenced to a prison by a judge in san diego. she gave him 53 years to life. but his day in court ended in a way that shocked a lot of people with his wedding, a wedding presided over by the very same judge who had moments earlier sentenced him to prison. that is dan desbreaux. here he is smiling, getting hitched in this picture, posted to facebook. he is uncuffed, holding the hands of his bride. the sister of the man he was just sentenced to killing, she's devastated. >> why would she do that? you know, i'm lost for words. it's a slap in his family's
1:00 pm
face. my mom suffered and suffered through the trial. >> turns out his fiancee had made this wedding request during the trial and, incredibly, the judge agreed to it. and not only that, his lawyer said the judge even made cake for the newlyweds. how about that. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. live on capitol hill, "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. 40 hours into this government shutdown and our leaders are finally something that apparently didn't occur to them until now -- talking to each other. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." in the absence of actual governing, the four top leaders in congress will meet with the president shortly. is it too much to fantasize about padlocking the door until they all solve this problem? also, after defeating hitler, mussolini, these veterans won't let some red tape around their memorial stop them. of course the lawmakers who helped bring us to the shutdown also tried to turn today's